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The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for providing society with objective information on pharmaceutical products. It is essential to take into account the risk to which public health may be subjected in the absence of necessary regulation of such information.

Activity with regard to the promotion of pharmaceutical products within accepted parameters is an integral part in developments process of the pharmaceutical industry, making it possible for the results of many years of work and enormous material costs to become directly accessible to all society.

Providing the high ethical standards of business AIPM member companies accept and undertake to fulfill the requirements of the AIPM Code of Practices (further the Code) and follow it not only in letter but also in spirit.

AIPM member companies should strive to observe the rules of ethical competition in carrying out marketing activity and not damage the image, position, or economic interests of competitors due to inappropriate advertising or other unethical methods of promotion of pharmaceutical products.

Firstly adopted in 1998 the AIPM code based on IFPMA, EFPIA Code was revised twice in 2009, the latest version of December 10, 2009 is published.

All AIPM members confirmed in written the adherence to ethical standards as set out in AIPM Code of Practices

Online training on the Code
In accordance with the Decision of the Board of Directors AIPM launched the online training on the Code worked out with the active assistance of the AIPM Ethical Committee in 2009:

On-line training is intended for studying the Code and self-examination of the rules and basic requirements. Directed towards a wide range of the employees of pharmaceutical companies including marketing, advertising, medical, sales departments and others.

AIPM role in resolution ethical disputes
In the case of discovery of violations of the Code, the company whose interests are affected has the right to immediately resort to the procedure for reviewing complaints and disputes regarding violations established by this Code.

However, the AIPM welcomes cases of independent dispute resolution between companies.

A complaint about a violation of the Code can be filed both by an AIPM member and by any other interested person. The complaint may be filed either against an AIPM member or any pharmaceutical manufacturer who is not a member of the AIPM but carries out its activity on the Russian market and should be submitted in written form to the Executive Director of AIPM.

The detailed AIPM Code Complaint Procedure provisions are embodied in the revised AIPM Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices, Appendix 1

In the bounds of the Procedure for review of complaints and disputes regarding the violations of the Code 39 complaints were considered in 2007-2011

In case where one of the disputing parties is not satisfied with the provided arguments to the complaint the Executive Director forms a Special Panel for reviewing and making decision on the case. A Special Panel is also formed in the case where a company with regard to which a complaint was received did not respond to it.

For more information about election procedure and the Active composition of the Standing Dispute Resolution Panel please follow

AIPM Code follow-up
Compliance is a high priority and regular issue for the AIPM internal discussions at the various meetings: General meetings, Board of Directors meetings, Ethical Committee meetings, Joint Committee meetings and others.

AIPM continues promoting the Code both internally and externally:

The Code was submitted for consideration and discussed with: Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development (MoH); Federal Service on Surveillance in the Sphere of Healthcare and Social Development; Federal Antimonopoly Service; State Duma; Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufactures (ARFP); AIPM Belarus; Conferences, Round Tables participants and many other interested parties

AIPM also welcomes representatives of international pharma society for sharing best practice and establishing common approaches.

AIPM actively involved in the IFPMA Code Compliance Network (CCN)

AIPM participates in the CCN Code workshops &trainings, CCN regular meetings, contributed to IFPMA CCN Global Code Comparison Survey 2009, 2010 and 2011, information sharing and Emerging markets engagement

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