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29.12.2016 - The leading industry associations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

December 29, 2016 On December 28, 2016 at the National Medical Chamber a Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed between the leading industry associations of Russia: The National Medical Chamber, represented by President Leonid Roshal; the National Pharmaceutical Chamber, represented by Executive Director Elena Nevolina; the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, represented by General Director Viktor Dmitriev; the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, represented by Executive Director Vladimir Shipkov; the Association Rosmedprom, represented by President Yuriy Kalinin; the International Medical Device Manufacturers Association, represented by Executive Director Sergey Kolosov; and National Immunobiological Company represented by General Director Mariam Khubieva.

The Parties agreed to cooperate closely in the field of healthcare, noting the need to develop professional and scientific relations and to strengthen continuous professional dialog between the medical and pharmaceutical communities. The main goal of cooperation between industry associations is to enhance the availability and quality of medical aid and to develop the healthcare system and the system of continuous medical and pharmaceutical education.


The Memorandum was signed in the presence of high-ranking  representatives of federal executive bodies: the Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), Mikhail Murashko; the Head of the Department for Control over the Social Sphere and Trade of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS of Russia), Timofey Nizhegorodtsev; the Director of the Department of Public Health and Communications of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, Oleg Salagay; and the Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, Natalya Aksenova, as well as other representatives of the scientific, medical and business communities.


Leonid Roshal, President of the National Medical Chamber, emphasized the unique composition of Memorandum signatories and the significant role of this agreement for patients. “The people on whom the health of the Russian nation depends on have gathered together around one table. This is the reason why the National Medical Chamber has initiated and the other Parties have supported the intention, and we should finally organize our work in coordination with each other and with the state. There are many tasks to be accomplished: among them there are pharmacovigilance, labeling and pricing policy. Their solution is the task of the state. We understand that the economic situation today is not the best, but we will still find certain ways to resolve our issues. We have decided to establish a coordination council that will deal with the burning issues. Our work does not stop at this point t, hopefully it will be of permanent nature – we all are interested in it,” commented Leonid Roshal.


Oleg Salagay, the representative of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, emphasized that the Memorandum is not only an important step on the path of cooperation in the business community, but also a substantial element of relations between the professional community and state authorities. “The National Medical Chamber is an important partner for the Ministry of Healthcare. Over the past year, several dozen legal acts were reviewed by the NMC,” said the speaker. All of these are an example of constructive cooperation between the professional community and the state authorities. Oleg Salagay congratulated the representatives of the Parties on the signing of the Memorandum and expressed his confidence in the productivity and significance of the work that lies ahead.


“It is crucially important that all Parties comply with the rules established by legislation and  sub-legal acts: the medical community, manufacturers, associations, and participants selling medicines and medical devices,” pointed out Mikhail Murashko. The Head of Roszdravnadzor also expressed his desire to include representatives of the medical community in the Memorandum.


“Collaboration between the National Medical Chamber and all the organizations listed is a big step forward, and the support of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia is very valuable. The Public Council under the Ministry of Healthcare plans to hold a meeting with Rosmedprom to work out solutions for the problems existing today in the procurement of domestic and foreign equipment,” said Natalya Aksenova.


Timofey Nizhegorodtsev noted that the FAS of Russia as a control and supervisory body welcomes the efforts aimed at the improvement and increasing of transparency of the activity of pharmaceutical and medical companies and wished the participants refer the Memorandum not as a formal document, but comply with its provisions and moral and ethical standards in practice.


The signing of the Memorandum was one of the milestone events of the past year: cooperation between major associations representing both local and transnational companies opens up numerous opportunities for sharing experience and for comprehensive interaction for the benefit of public health. The representatives of the Parties also expressed their vision of  the role and significance of the Memorandum.


“Each of the Memorandum signatories represents the interests of a  particular   field of the industry, each of which has its own goals. However, we also have one common goal, which is public health and the health of each individual patient. This goal can, of course, be achieved in various ways; we advocate achieving it in an ethical manner. I am sure we will be able to cooperate effectively,” emphasized Viktor Dmitriev.


Elena Nevolina pointed out that the mutual activity of the Parties of the Memorandum will influence the development of the healthcare system in the country. The Executive Director of the National Pharmaceutical Chamber also emphasized that a continuous education system, as one of the principles set forth in the Memorandum, will directly affect the quality of medical and pharmaceutical care for the population. The transparency and noncommercial interests of this process demonstrate the growth of social responsibility in the professional community,” added Elena Nevolina.


“The Memorandum we have signed today is a great honor and also a great responsibility. We are filled with desire and determination not to betray each other and to work productively for the benefit of the Russian healthcare system. It is also important to point out that the Memorandum is being signed publicly. This means that we take the additional obligations to society. I am sure that thanks to the participation of Leonid Mikhailovich, we will be able to fill the Memorandum with specific content and to continue our fruitful collaboration,” stressed Vladimir Shipkov.


Yuriy Kalinin noted the perfect moment for the signing of the Memorandum: “The medicines and medical devices markets have  significantly changed.  Due to the industry’s potential, in a year we will be able to produce no less than 40-50% of medicines and medical devices at production facilities in our country. We have implemented modern product quality systems and strictly comply with all these requirements. However, problems remain: these are the problems legal regulation, professional education, and ethical issues. Coordination will play a big role in uniting the efforts of the market participants and federal executive authorities so that our work will benefit patients. I have no doubt that we will succeed,” underlined the speaker.


“National Immunobiological Company fully shares the goals and principles of the Memorandum. Our company, which was established by Rostech State Corporation to implement the import substitution programme in the pharmaceutical industry, organize and localize full-cycle production of medicines, ensure the transfer of technologies and  comprehensive supply of medicines, and which unites several  production sites, fully supports this initiative aimed at  increasing the level and quality of medicines’ provision, supporting scientific and clinical researches, and  providing the balance of rights and interests of the concerned parties,” commented Mariam Khubieva.

“In my opinion, the signing of such a Memorandum is an extraordinary event. Each of the organizations whose signatures we see on the document makes major efforts on a daily basis to make the healthcare system of Russia work more effectively and qualitatively. Thanks to the National Medical Chamber, we have been given an exceptional opportunity to unite our efforts, first, to enable continuous dialog between healthcare system participants, and, second, to contribute together to enhancing the effectiveness of all elements of such a complex but socially very important system as the provision of medical assistance,” concluded Sergey Kolosov.


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