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XII Annual conference “What Is Going on At Pharmaceutical Market?”


We are glad to invite you to participate in XII Annual conference “What Is Going on At Pharmaceutical Market?”, which will be held on 14 of September, in Moscow.

Conference “What Is Going on At Pharmaceutical Market?” will be held for the 12th time in a row and will again bring together representatives of all the pharmaceutical market leaders: manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy retail companies.

The key topic of discussion will be the new post-pandemic reality of the pharmaceutical industry. Have pharmaceutical manufacturers adapted to the new environment? How much the pandemic has affected demand for medicines? What are the prospects for pharma for the rest of 2020 and forecasts for 2021? We invite you to join the discussion to find answers to these and many other questions.

Agenda of “What Is Going on At Pharmaceutical Market?” 2020:

  • Adjustment of pharmaceutical development goals: what was the impact of the pandemic on Pharma 2030 strategy, and will its goals and objectives be adjusted? How does the state support the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Paradigm shift: new markets, new suppliers, new channels and sales formats
  • National airbag: production of substances in Russia – first steps to import substitution
  • Re-registration of prices and new pricing methodology – amendments to the rules and measures to ensure the profitability of drug production
  • Digital transformation: will digitalization help businesses get out of the crisis and find growth points?


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Important! The organizing company infor-media Russia is carefully preparing the event to make it not only effective and interesting for all of participants, but also as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • We guarantee compliance with epidemiological safety measures, specifically for this we have developed the IMRCare program. You can read about the program of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on our website
  • If you are not feeling well or for any other reason will not be able to be in attendance, we provide the opportunity to participate in the event online. You can find out the conditions of online participation
    on the event page