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To Mark Its 25th Anniversary AIPM launches the "On the Way to 80+" Communication Campaign.


September 23, 2019, Moscow – The Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, announces the launch of the "AIPM: On the Way to 80+" digital communication initiative. It plans to inform general public about the international pharmaceutical industry's contribution to the improving health and maintaining high quality of life for patients in Russia, as well as about the role that modern drug therapy plays in achieving key healthcare goals, including increase of the average life expectancy in Russia to over 80 years by 2030.

AIPM invited its members to talk about the concrete steps they are taking to achieve the 80+ goal, because thanks to the scientific developments and companies’ day-to-day operations, many diseases are moving from the category of life-threatening to the category of successfully controlled, patients with previously disabling diagnoses get a chance to maintain their usual lifestyle, and there are new opportunities to reduce the overall economic disease burden on both the state and patient families.

The Association and the AIPM member companies have every reason to be proud of their contribution to the global healthcare development, introduction of innovative treatment methods and efforts to increase the availability of highly effective drug therapy. They have localized production in Russia, developed scientific partnerships and the clinical research sphere. At the same time, many actions are being taken to harmonize the Russian regulatory legislation with the advanced international approaches, develop a unified EAEU drug market, introduce modern GxP standards, comply with ethical business principles, introduce digital technologies, and improve mechanisms for protecting the rights to intellectual property which is a key factor for the development of an innovative pharmaceutical industry, and much more.

"On the 25th anniversary of the Association, a sensible idea arose to attempt to describe the international industry's consolidated contribution to addressing Russia's current healthcare challenges, and to do it in an extremely simple, concise and clear manner," says Vladimir Shipkov, AIPM Executive Director. Currently, the association has over 60 members representing the global pharmaceutical elite. They have proven themselves to be highly reliable partners of the Russian state and the medical community in solving modern healthcare objectives, improving the quality and life expectancy of Russians. Today, international companies are localizing production, transferring technology, building new factories, conducting public education, scientific and charitable activities, and spread innovative approaches and solutions in the field of healthcare. To illustrate this, we decided to launch the "AIPM: On the Way to 80+" campaign, and we invite all our members to give short video telling about specific deeds that benefit patients, current breakthroughs in the treatment of socially sensitive diseases, and other projects that are in some way aimed at increasing the span and quality of human life. Such an initiative, in our opinion, will be the best way to sum up the interim results of our work and set new horizons for the future."

 "AIPM: On the Way to 80+" will be implemented at two key communication platforms: The Association website and the AIPM 25 Anniversary Facebook page. New videos will be uploaded to both resources every week until the end of 2019. You can also find them on the websites and social networks of the AIPM member companies.

The initiative is open to join for interested partners and other Russian pharmaceutical market participants.


The Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) was established in 1994 and represents in the Russian Federation the leading international pharmaceutical companies - producers and developers of modern effective, safe and high-quality medicines. Today, AIPM unites more than 60 international companies that provide over 80% of the world’s pharmaceutical products and over 60% of medicines imported to the Russian Federation.

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