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In accordance with cl. 3.3.4. of the AIPM Code of Practice an event should be held in an appropriate place and under appropriate conditions that will facilitate achievement of its scientific and educational objectives.

Places and venues that are known for their entertainment options and/or activities or that are extravagant should be avoided. The use of facilities that the public would associate with entertainment, luxury or exclusivity, regardless of their class, is prohibited.

It is recommended to organize events at business centers, educational institutions and other venues intended for business and educational events. A company may hold an event in a public place only if it is held in an isolated room or the place is closed to the public for the duration of the event.

The use of any entertainment or sporting events to attract healthcare professionals to promotional or scientific events is prohibited.

In accordance with cl.13. Appendix 3 to the AIPM Code when assessing the appropriateness of the location and venue of an event organized and/ or supported by a pharmaceutical company the following non-exhaustive criteria should be considered:

1) Location

1. The geographical location of the event is in or near a city or town, which is a recognized scientific, business, regional or administrative center, the transfer of participants should be optimal from the point of view of the participants’ logistics (e.g. a regional congress should not take place outside of the region; when appropriate venues are available within the town, the event should not be organized out of town or in other town).

2. The location of the event should not be:

a. primarily known as a resort location or for its recreational and/or touristic offering, or

b. the main attraction of the event or be perceived as such.

3. On some occasions the company may organize its own event or support an event organized by a third party in the location that is primarily known as a resort location or for its recreational and/or touristic offering provided that

a. the event is targeted for the audience residing directly at this location; or

b. the supported event is an annual national or international event, organized by nationally or internationally recognized professional association and the event does not take place during high touristic season for this geographical location.

2) Venue

Suitable venues may include business and convention centers, medical and educational institutions, hotel conference rooms and other venues contributing to business, educational and scientific goals.

Events should not take place at:

Extravagant places that do not contribute to the scientific and educational goals of the event (spas, casinos, places of worship, museums, manors, parks, hangars, etc.). The selection of extravagant venues presupposes the predominance of an entertainment nature of the event, excludes the educational, scientific and professional goals and nature of the event that should guide pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately detract from the image of the pharmaceutical company and the entire industry.

Boutique hotels, hotels rated as 5* and/or higher, in places targeted primarily for recreation (spa hotels, country clubs, club hotels, park hotels and sanatoriums, etc.) not depending on their rating.

In places associated primarily with entertainment (yacht club, museum, theater, concert hall, cinema, circus, hippodrome, shopping and entertainment center, etc.).

3) Entertainment aspect

The time of the event should not coincide with internationally recognized sporting, cultural or entertainment events taking place in the same location and during the same period of time (e.g. it is unacceptable to hold events at facilities that directly or indirectly contribute to participation in a sporting or cultural event). Such sporting, cultural or entertainment events should not be the attraction for the event or be perceived as such